Kininmonth Primary School

School Uniform

We encourage all pupils to wear school uniform. This helps to instil a sense of pride and team spirit within our school.  We can also provide ‘nearly new/recycled’ sweatshirts for parents who would wish to make use of these.


School uniform consists of – purple school sweatshirt with school logo, white or purple polo shirt, dark school skirt or trousers and indoor and outdoor footwear.  We appreciate your cooperation in support of this.


Please consider the changeable nature of weather conditions and provide your child with appropriate outerwear and footwear to suit.


PE Kit consists of – T shirt which tucks into shorts, standard length shorts, socks, gym shoes (preferably with Velcro or elastic fastening for younger pupils) all kept in a gym bag.  With regard to safety, the wearing of jewellery (which we actively discourage) is not permitted during PE lessons. If your child (boy or girl) has pierced ears, please ensure they can remove and replace earrings by themselves. Any child wearing earrings that cannot do this will be asked to put surgical tape over them for PE lessons. (Parents should provide a named roll of surgical tape for this purpose.) Shoe string strap tops are also discouraged for safety reasons as they can catch on gym apparatus.


The school requests that football team tops and designer garments are kept for home use as these can provoke conflict amongst the pupils.